What is meant by PV or Photovoltaic?

Photo comes from the Greek word "phós" for light. Volt is the unit for electro-motive force. Therefore PV means the conversion of light into electrical energy.

Do solar panels work in Ireland?

Yes. PV works on daylight not sunlight. PV systems in Ireland will have a higher performance ratio (efficiency) than that of a PV system in a country with a hotter climate. It's an electrical system, therefore cooler temperatures are better.

Will my solar power installation generate the same amount of electricity all year round?

Your solar PV system will work all year round however the main output of your system (approximately 80%) occurs between the months of March through to October. Businesses with a continuous daytime summer demand are ideal for solar PV i.e. a business or operation that uses a lot of electrical energy for cooling, processing, manufacturing, lighting etc.

Is my business suitable for solar PV?

Each business needs to be individually assessed. A business with a high daytime demand which operates 7 days a week will be more suitable than a business which has minimal daytime demand and only operates 4 or 5 days a week.

Is my roof suitable?

We will inform you through a few simple questions as to whether your roof is suitable. The main concerns are the condition of the roof itself i.e. is it in good repair to install a PV system on for 25 years operation. Additionally we need to verify that the roof structure is capable of taking the imposed weight of the PV array. Regarding orientation, due south gives the best output however any roof from East through to West is suitable for PV. PV is not recommended on North facing roofs.

Do I still need a grid connection with a solar PV system?

Yes, PV systems are "grid tied" therefore you still need your electrical connection to the grid. PV only works during daylight hours so night time electricity must still come from the grid.